Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is a periodic action you must perform. It cleans up unneeded structures on Notion side, making operations faster, and Notion snappier.

Doing garbage collection essentially means running the gc command like so:

$ jupiter gc

You can filter by project, and even tell it to work in parts. But in broad terms, what it'll do is:

  • Archive all done inbox tasks and big plans.
  • Correct data drift issues - sometimes you'll get duplicate entries for what should be the same task or big plan. Garbage collection will make sure only one copy remains. Checkout this article for details.
  • Actually remove all archived inbox tasks, big plans, recurring tasks, smart list items, and metric entries from Notion.

How often you run it depends on how heavily you're using Jupiter. When the number of "done" tasks reaches 1-200, it's probably the right time. For most people this might mean running it everywhere from monthly to once a week.