Inbox Tasks

A task is some atomic unit of work. Tasks live in the “inbox”. A task is ideal to model work which can be done in anything from a minute to a day (excluding wait or ide times). They can be created by hand, or automatically as recurring tasks for a certain period.

For example, you can have a task like "Change AC filter", or "Take visa papers to embassy", or "Research team off-site locations".

Tasks have a status, which can be one of:

In the Inbox, you can see tasks in a sort of Kanban board, organised by status like this:

Inbox image

The state evolution diagram is:

Task states

You can create a task via regular Notion mechanisms (pressing the various "New" buttons), or Jupiter can create one for you from the recurring tasks templates via jupiter gen. You can remove a task by simply removing the Notion record of it.

Tasks have an optional actionable date. Sometimes, it does not make sense to work on a task before a certain date. Think paying a bill which will be provided in a week. If a task has an actionable date, it won't be visible in the boards until a week before it.

Tasks have a deadline. It’s optional, but it’s strongly recommended you add one as a goal setting rule.

Tasks can also be labeled according to the Eisenhower matrix, as either urgent or important.

Tasks also have a notion of difficulty. They can be catalogued as Easy, Medium or Hard. These inform the way certain views are sorted. But there's no other semantic meaning attached to these categories though.

In Notion a task might look like this:

Task image

The “From Script”, “Recurring Period” and “Recurring Timeline” fields are relevant only for recurring tasks.

The Inbox

The inbox is a representation of your current work, as well as the work you recently finished or will recently start. It's a collection of tasks. They are created here in the “Accepted” or “Recurring” states, depending on who created them (you, or the system via jupiter gen, respectively).

The inbox looks like a Kanban board usually, with the various states of a task as columns.

Inbox image

There are multiple views for the inbox though right now:

Here’s a sneak peak at some views: Inbox database

Inbox calendar .