A project is a larger and longer-term container for work. Think of it as a label for tasks, habits, chores, or big plans.

For example, you can have a project for your personal goal tracking, and one for your career goal tracking etc. In most cases just one or two projects are enough, and they should be very long lived things.

Projects are attached to the workspace. You can see the projects in the Projects left-hand menu tab. An example:

Projects Overview

Alternatively you can see projects via project-show in the CLI.

Projects Properties

On their own, projects have a single property - their name.

Projects Interactions Summary

In the web app you can change the properties of a project by clicking on it in the view.

Projects Update

In the CLI app you can:

  • Create a project via projects-create.
  • Change the name via projects-update.
  • See a summary of the projects via projects-show.