Reporting is currently the main tool for reflection on past achievements, good aspects, and weak spots.

In the web app you can find reporting in the Reports left-hand side tab, under tools. It looks something like this:

Report Form

You can select a time at which to run the report. By default it is the present day, but you can select any day in the past (or the future).

You can also ask a time period to analyse - the last week, month, quarter, or year.

Finally you can ask for a time period to use for a breakdown analysis. This is always some time unit smaller than the analysis period. Within the analysis period, each breakdown period will be analysed in part.

The main result is called Global and shows you aggregate stats for the whole analysis period. It is the most valuable view. It looks something like this:

Report Global

A very useful view is the breakdown by habit, that shows streaks for each habit. It looks something like this:

Report Streaks

But there are other views:

  • A breakdown by project which can highlight particularly good or bad projects.
  • A breakdown by sub period
  • A breakdown by big plans
  • An analysis for chores, but without any streaks.

The CLI command is called report and has the same capabilities as the Web App.