A vacation is a set period of time when some scheduled tasks aren't scheduled. Vacations are attached to the workspace. They can be created both via Jupiter commands and in Notion.

After creating a workspace you'll have an empty set of vacations. Adding to them you can obtain something like:

Workspace image

Alternatively you can see vacations via vacations-show like so:

$ jupiter vacations-show
id=6 Barcelona trip start=2020-03-20 end=2020-04-04
id=7 Eurotrip 2 start=2020-04-07 end=2020-04-22

Vacations Properties

A vacation has a name. It's the name of the vacation, and will show up in Notion too.

The start date is the time when the vacation starts, and tasks should not be generated. It should be before the end date.

The end date is the time when the vacation end, and tasks should again be generated. It should be after the start date.

Vacations Interactions Summary

You can: