All the work for life planning takes place in a workspace. When you create a new account in the web app or call jupiter init in the CLI app you are creating a new workspace.

Right now, a single account can have just one workspace, that is private to the user.

All further concepts we discuss are relative to the workspace.

After creating a workspace, you’ll see something like the following:



A workspace has a name.

A workspace also has a notion of default project. Checkout the projects section for more details about projects. But in context where a project is needed - say when adding a new inbox task, or generating an inbox task from a metric - and none is specified, this one will be used instead.


In the Web app you can access workspace settings in the right-hand menu.

Workspace Update

In the CLI app you can:

  • Create a workspace when creating an account in the web app of via jupiter init
  • Set the name via workspace-update or editing the name in the web app.
  • Change the default project from the Settings section of the right-hand side menu or via workspace-change-default-project in the CLI.
  • See a summary of the workspace via workspace-show in the CLI.