Version 0.4.2

Launched on 2020/09/02

This version introduces:

  • Brand new and expanded docs.
  • Massive rethink of the way storage is handled - new format is simpler and more robust.
  • Added the ability to build reports for past activity.
  • Made a unified sync command instead of the various per-entity ones.
  • Add a single gc command for clearing up stuff on Notion-side.
  • Added commands to hard remove entities from both local storage and Notion.
  • Added the timezone as a workspace-level setting.
  • Introduced the concepts of chores and habits. A recurring task can be one of these, and they'll get slightly different treatment when building reports, for example.
  • Got rid of the group property for recurring tasks.
  • Helpful error links to the "How Tos" section on certain errors.
  • A --version argument to the CLI.
  • Added type annotations to the whole codebase.
  • Removed the --dry-run argument to certain commands.
  • Added many log messages, and added the ability to control the log levels shown, as well as a general --verbose flag.
  • Upgrade to Python 3.8.5.
  • Many bugfixes and performance improvements.