Version 0.8.0

Launched on 2021/12/18

This version introduces:

  • Added support for a "personal relationship manager" feature. Read more in the PRM section.
  • Entities which can be associated with a project, can now use a default project.
  • Faster local -> Notion updates
  • Moved some entities to SQLite storage from the text based one. It's faster and safer.
  • Stopped syncing archived inbox tasks
  • A massive refactoring of the code-base. Nothing was left untouched. The new code is easier to maintain and structurally better organized.
  • Fixed high severity security issue with a mkdocs dependency
  • Bugfix of metric entry sync which would clear the collection time on Notion side
  • Bugfix of recurring task sync start date value being ignored if set on Notion side
  • Bugfix of not syncing vacations sometimes