Big Plans

Big plans are larger units of work. They are made up of multiple tasks. Big plans live in the "Big Plan page". A big plan is ideal to model work which can be done in anything from a week to several months, and which consists of multiple steps.

For example, you can have a task like "Plan a family vacation", or "Get a talk accepted to a conference", or "Buy a new house".

Big plans have a status, which can be one of:

In the big plan page, you can see big plans in a sort of Kanban board, organised by status like this:

Big plans image

The state evolution diagram is:

Big plan states

You can create a big plan via regular Notion mechanisms (pressing the various "New" buttons). You can remove a big plan by simply removing the Notion record of it.

In order for things to properly work out however, you also need to run jupiter sync. This makes sure that the big plans are setup correctly, and that the various Notion pages know about the new or removed big plan. It is an idempotent operation, useful to use in case of updates too.

Big plans also have a deadline. It's optional, but it's strongly recommended you add one as a goal setting rule.

In Notion a big plan might look like this:

Big plan image

Notice there is a link to the project's Inbox for the tasks associated with that plan. You can view the completion status here.

You can create a task for the big plan directly here, or you can create one in the Inbox and link it via the Big Plan property.

Big Plans Page

The big plan page is a representation of your current and longer term work. It's a collection of big plans. They are created here in the "Accepted" state.

The big plan page looks like a Kanban board, with the various states of a big plan as columns.

Big plans image