First, go to the Jupiter. This is the hosted version of Jupiter, which is the recommended way to start. If you're looking for a local install, then checkout installation instructions. Everything below should work the same.

Create A Workspace

The workspace is where all your work in Jupiter happens. You'll first need to create one.

On accessing Jupiter you should just see a basic button which you need to click.

Go To Workspace

You'll see a login form. You need to press New Workspace and you'll be prompted with the following:


Besides the standard fields that identify you and help keep your accunt secure, you will need to provide a workspace name and initial project name.

Press Create and you will be shown an account recovery token that you need to store in a safe space. Once you do that, you can proceed to your newly created workspace.

This will be empty:

Empty Workspace

Create An Inbox Task

Let's create an inbox task. Press Create and you'll be prompted with something like this:

New Inbox Task

Name the task My fist task and press Create. Things should look like this now:

Created Inbox Task

Switch over to the Kanban By Eisen view and drag and drop the task to the Done column. Things should look like this now:

Done Task


Congrats! You created your workspace and performed your first task on Jupiter. It's a big achievement!

You are now equiped with this fundamental knowledge. Now you can play around, or read the various parts of this guide to get yourself familiarized with the possibilities. Checkout concepts and how-tos for this more in depth information.

Welcome to Jupiter and happy planning!