Do Garbage Collection

Notion is a great tool, but some of the ways in which Jupiter works don't play that well with it. For example, even light usage will cause hundreds of inbox tasks in a project. As the number of tasks increases, it'll become harder and harder for Notion to handle them[1] performance wise. Views will load slower, sync operations will take longer and longer to execute, etc.

Furthermore, you're usually interested in the time period around the present time. Tasks you finished one year ago won't really be relevant.

To address both issues the gc command can be used. It's run like so:

$ jupiter gc

You can filter by project, and even tell it to work in parts. But in broad terms, what it'll do is:

It's good to run gc periodically - once a week or so - depending on the volume of work you're handling.

[1] Mostly because of the way Jupiter sets up Notion, not necessarily because of an intrinsic issue with Notion.