This is a rough roadmap of getting Jupiter to v1.0.0. By this point it should have a lot of useful features, be stable and fast, and have sufficient supporting infrastructure (website, docs, installation methods, etc).

New features:

  • Support a journal
  • Support megaplans
  • Define visual identity
  • Translate app and docs in one other language
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Email and Slack as sources for inbox tasks
  • Integrate with YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc for smart lists support, playlists creation, etc

Public infrastructure:

  • Have different methods of installation
  • Have data export functionality
  • Have a public workspace with all outstanding work
  • Setup a forum for discussions and support
  • Setup a blog for announcement and marketing content


  • Upgrade to Notion public API (when available)

Beyond this the plans get ambitious. Here's some product-wise plans:

  • Build a server-like component, which will allow periodic syncs, gen, and gcs, as well as interaction with online services
  • Build a graphical client as a counterpart to the CLI one, and an alternative to the Notion one
  • Support integration with other Notion-like apps
  • Build a hosting/SaaS setup for all of the above