Jupiter is now at v1.0.0. This means it has some notion of stability and is also shareable and usable by folks besides me - its creator. Nevertheless, it is a labour of love and a side-project. It has some way to go before doing all the things I'd like it to. This doc is a rough roadmap. But there's no commitment to dates or order of delivery.

New Core Features

  • Gamification รก la Duolingo
  • A home page with an overview of your life
  • Support journaling
  • Support megaplans - long term plans for the whole life
  • Support an internal calendar
  • Support non-inbox kanban boards
  • Support generic notes
  • Built a specialised shopping-list
  • Many other small features and improvements

New Interaction Surfaces

  • A desktop app
  • A mobile app
  • A chrome/firefox plugin for smart lists
  • Reinstate email integration
  • Reinstate Slack integration

Quality Of Life Improvements

  • Define visual identity
  • Powerful search in your workspace
  • Translate app and docs in other languages
  • Offline mode
  • Notifications
  • Integrate with Google Calendar & Outlook for calendar support
  • Integrate with YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc for smart lists support, playlists creation, etc

Public Infrastructure Developments

  • Have different methods of installation
  • Have data export functionality
  • Have a public workspace with all outstanding work
  • Setup a forum for discussions and support
  • Setup a blog for announcement and marketing content

Next-level Dreams

  • A DOM and support for plugins and scripting
  • Collaboration support
  • Federation support